A Personal Touch
We are proud to be a small, private company. This allows us to remain agile to quickly address our clients' needs. We can help you with everything from software customizations to business process optimization.
Addiction Treatment Software
Management/Technical Consulting
Methware Enterprise
Full Version
For multiple clinic enterprises, this version features enterprise visibility and other large scale functionality.      
Growth Pack
For mature facilities with 50+ patients, this bundle supports more features for dosing, case management, and billing.             
Methware™ Basics
Basic Bundle
Methware™ Basics is the entry level product for opioid addiction treatment facilities.              
"Our two programs in Houston have been utilizing Methware since 1993. We have been very impressed with the way in which it has allowed our operations to function at a better and efficient pace...."Farrukh Shamsi, Executive Director, Texas Clinic              
Why We're Special
Our lead software architect brings 30 years of software development experience as well as executive experience specifically within the context of OTP clinic management. This blend of experience is unique and enables us to provide deep insight into what makes clinics run smoothly. We have also been in business longer than any of our competitors.        
Treating Clients Well
With our depth and breadth of expertise, our many long-standing clients increasingly engage us in consulting both inside and outside of the OTP space.