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Comstock Computing has a unique perspective in developing Methadone treatment software. Our lead software architect leverages over 10 years experience as Executive Director of an organization of OTP clinics into the design of Methware. This, coupled with over 20 years experience developing software for the opioid treatment industry has created the most effective, comprehensive and flexible clinic management system available today. Our Methware product line has been commercially available since 1993 and was in use at multiple facilities before that. We have clients across the United States. Over the years our products have evolved to meet the changing needs of our customers and are still evolving today.
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A word from our Founder


I am Eric S. Comstock, the founder of Comstock Computing, L.L.C. and chief architect of Methware. I grew up in and around the drug abuse treatment field. My parents, both physicians, were early pioneers in the field and I grew up immersed in their passion for the treatment of this societal problem.

By 1980, I had created and put into use the first software written specifically for the unique needs of an opiate treatment facility. It was a great success and launched me on a course that I still follow to this day. Throughout that decade, the software continued to grow and evolve. While training staff members, most of whom had never used a computer, I gained a great deal of insight into the importance of simplicity.

In 1990, I became Executive Director in charge of a chain of 6 facilities in Texas. My intimate knowledge of the roles and duties of each staff member in the facilities was the primary reason I was offered the position. That knowledge served me well for the 10 years that I served in that capacity. The time I spent in that role also taught me a number of new things. Each staff member doing their job is important, however, the biggest difference between a facility that thrives and one that is stagnant is the leadership, planning and awareness of the business. While in that role, I continued designing software, but with a different perspective. While helping employees to be more efficient was as important as ever, I also realized that it was just as important for management to have the proper tools to oversee the operations of a facility without getting bogged down in tedious details. It was during this time that I rolled out Methware commercially. I attribute its instant success to the knowledge I gained as an Executive Director.

Since 1999, I incorporated the latest in technology in order to 1) make clinics more profitable with the Welcome Station™, 2) make the system faster with the latest advances in database technology and, 3) include a user-friendly look and feel. These changes were very well received by Methware's user base and are the foundation upon which we are still building today.

Now that the trial version "Methware Basics" has arrived, I am sure that it will find a warm welcome in facilities throughout the country. So give it a try and let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

Eric S. Comstock
Chief Software Architect and Operating Officer

Comstock Computing, L.L.C.